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Wasp Control Sussex

We specialise in dealing with wasp infestations in all sorts of locations. By the time you notice that they have a problem, wasps are usually well established and breeding. It usually only takes one session to get the problem under control along with the advice we give after treatment. We use safe products that give quick reactions and has a longer effect on the wasps and their nest.

Wasps are nuisance mainly in the summer months when wasps are collecting food for their young and their passion for sweet food. They cause a nuisance when they enter kitchens, and food businesses, where food can be contaminated, and staff will be disturbed or even stung. It is a wasp's painful stings that concern most people. Road accidents have sometimes been due to the distraction of drivers by wasps. Nests are located underground, in buildings, trees or bushes. Discrete Pest Control can take care of your problem in a quick and professional way.